NEW RELEASE: Battlescars Windlights - CLOUDS - BACKWATER 1.0 (PREMIUM)

☁☁☁I want to present my 7th release, Backwater Clouds.☁☁☁

If you are new to Battlescars Windlights READ THIS:
- Important: if you have never bought or used my products try our ROMANTIC CLOUDS, totally free. And that way you will know how install our productos :) . In the pack you will find all the necessary instructions. 

****Please read the description very carefully before buying the product.

You need last version of Winrar for to unzip the file on your computer.
WINRAR Download here:

If you are already a member of the Battlescars community and want to know more information about this new release, stay with me. 😀


This pack is dedicated to one of my favorite series, Revolution.
🍃🍂🌊Revolution is an American post-apocalyptic science fiction series.

On this occasion I created two releases where water and clouds can fit together to form a good environment in your sim or in your photos.


NEW! ❗️This is the first cloud made in 2048px in size for better quality and sharpness in clouds and photos. From now on all clouds will be made in this size

- Video Preview: soon
Total content: 
- 6 windlights 

* The tones have been adapted to the style of 💧 Water - Backwater, inspired by the Revolution series.📺

👀👀👀👀I hope you enjoy, remember to read all the instructions and do not forget that you have a PDF for BLOGGERS and TESTERS in the pack.

I want to hear news about you, very soon ☁😀

(The Clouds - BACKWATER 1.0 - Compatible with Firestorm and with BlackDragon Viewer!!)
****Please read the description very carefully before buying the product.
Thank you so much for the support ♥ Jay

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