Windlight & Cloud: -BATTLESCARS WL - CLOUDS - LUCY 1.0 (PREMIUM) Marketplace
Jeans: RKKN // Calvin's Jeans NEW ( Kustom9 June) InWorld
Bracelet Right: {COLD-ASH} Mens MESH BURLESON Bracelet Marketplace

Right to Left

Pallet: ..::THOR::.. Pallet Surf Rack
Toolbox: ..::THOR::.. Old Metal Toolbox
Wood Planer: ..::THOR::.. Little Wood Planer
Dirty Clothe: ..::THOR::.. Dirty Cloth
Surf Maintenance: ..::THOR::.. Surf Maintenance  (Two supports and a surfboard)
Wax: ..::THOR::.. Surf Wax
Glue: ..::THOR::.. Glue
Beers: ..::THOR::.. Fresh Beer in the Bowl - Giver

All set THOR To SummerFest 2019 InWorld

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