I'm comming with you

Hair: ~*Damselfly*~(Chase) - Dark Brown NEW ( N-21. ) InWorld
Watch:* SORGO - SO Watch / WhiteGOLD NEW ( Creation.JP Dec) InWorld
Cardigan: GizzA - Harvey Cardigan with Scarf [Beige]  NEW ( The mens dept Dec. ) InWorld
Jeans: RONSEM* old skinny jeans / blue (male) InWorld
Sneakers: [VALE KOER] APEX STOMPERS FLAX NEW ( The mens dept Dec. ) InWorld

Ladder ( + pose) : A-Frame Ladder Prop (Old Wood) - Diesel Works NEW ( The mens dept Jan. ) InWorld
Plant: ~BAZAR~ Traveler-Plant1 NEW InWorld
Hatstand: {what next} Cedar Log Hatstand NEW ( Thank you so much Winter ^_^InWorld
Armchair (Blue): ~BAZAR~  - Traveler-Armchair NEW InWorld
Armchair: ~BAZAR~ Toronto-Study armchair  InWorld
Table: {af} Long Aviator Table
Bag: ~BAZAR~ Traveler-Bag 2 NEW InWorld
Mail Basket: FD: Mail Basket ( Thank you mate Jake :D ) InWorld
Metal disc: FD: Metal Disc InWorld
Screen: ::GUDU:: hensso-Screen InWorld 
WallClock: NOMAD // Steel Wallclock .001 InWorld
Cabinet: oyasumi / rusty cabinet NEW ( The mens dept Jan. ) InWorld