Tysm my Yummy cuchara! :D Kiss :*

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Camera: RO - Photographers Eye - Purchase Container (Tysm Blair hehe kiss! :*)(Fameshed Oct) NEW InWorld
Hair: *ARGRACE* Peyton B [resize] - Light Brown InWorld
Neck Wallet: / XIAJ / Leather Neck Wallet (digi-camo) (MOG Men Only Gacha) ( Ty bro Jaix ;)NEW InWorld
Tunic: Kauna - Tunic: Olive (Fameshed Oct) NEW InWorld
Pants: [Pumpkin]Patched skinnies(faded yellow) InWorld
Boots: Lucien.Marcelo // SUEDE ZIPPED MILITARY BOOTS 2's ( The mens dept  Oct ) NEW InWorld
Pose: EXPOSES - MP024 (MALE MODEL 21) ( Tysm my friend Huggo) InWorld / Marketplace

Train station: [epi] Contention Train Station Replica MESH (box) (Tysm! Denise Rowland ^^) - NEW InWorld / Marketplace
Note: the green litter bin, brown wood barrels, chalkboard and newspaper are included

Cabooses: <:*BoOgErS*:> Caboose Yellow / Green - (The Challenge)NEW InWorld
Boxes [inside yellow caboose]:  (4Boxes, 2Prims) [DBy Mesh] (Free) Marketplace
Rug [inside yellow caboose]: Zigana . rug . naturel InWorld
Book [left]: POST: "Salome," Wilde, 1892 - (Free) InWorld
Map: [CIRCA] Pkg - "Underground" Subway - Modern Room Set [part of] -( The Challenge ) - NEW InWorld
Papers: [AAA] Crappy Trash Can [part of] - (Free) Marketplace
Slate: 7 - Blue Midnight Movie Slate InWorld
Film Cases: *Second Spaces* 8mm Nostalgia set (bxd1) - NEW (Tysm Elle :*) InWorld
Fence: [we're CLOSED] rope fence 1 NEW (Tysm Wendy and Dingo =DInWorld / Marketplace
Suitcases [all 3]: POST: Vintage Luggage (Set) InWorld
Grass: [we're CLOSED] grass field dry InWorld
Chair: 7 - Lawn Chair - Dark Rust InWorld
Birds: Grizzly Creek Free E Tree Sparrow (Basic) (Free) Marketplace
Bench: :FANATIK HOME: Industrial Bench InWorld
Poster: 7 - Eye Chart Poster InWorld
Street lights: :neigeux: Street light No.1[BK]3LI ( Tysm Yukmok Latte :D ) InWorld / Marketplace
Door: [AF] JUNKYARD Door (Rusty) InWorld
Rocks: [we're CLOSED] boulders 2 dark InWorld
Marquee: 7 - Portable Marquee ( The mens dept  Oct ) NEW InWorld
Mattresses: Two Old  Mattresses-mesh (Only 40L$) Marketplace
Books & Letters: Zigana - anything you buy is boxed like this InWorld
Flag: AF Union Jack Flag InWorld
Newspaper stand: URBAN NEWSPAPER STANDS #1 Boxed (Only 50L$) Marketplace
Open trunk [inside the station]: :FANATIK HOME: Vintage travel trunk InWorld
Barrel: Razor Bird - Rusty Barrel Stove (Only 50L$) Marketplace
Power Poles: [we're CLOSED] power poles V2 InWorld
Pines: 3D spruce Marketplace
Applause sign: 7 - Applause Box InWorld
Scale: 7 - Morse Scale - Paint InWorld
Records: Second Spaces 33 1/3 rpm set - NEW InWorld
Windmill: [we're CLOSED] broken windmill InWorld
Lights [on big rock at the end]: 7 - Carnival Lamp InWorld
Big rocks / train tunnel: :Fanatik Architecture: Rocks & Cliffs DOVER Gate - (Tysm my friend Michell :),Hugs \o/) NEW InWorld

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