My heart is a desert land so dry and cold my heart is a desert land nothing for miles any way you go
I feel so different Since youve been gone And now youre looking For another home.Since i didnt keep my word didnt do what I promised Guess I wasnt honest, no I said ill always be true to you But I gave up Tell me can we make up cause cuz.. My heart is a deserted city Since your love moved out And left me down, no Im lost and nothings out here with me Move back to town and it change my heart From this deserted city. http://youtu.be/0wdj-r2I9Xc

Short: Blank_Line_005_ShortPants_Black Mesh Marketplace
Boxer: *avd* low rise vintage boxer ( green) Marketplace 25L
Teddy: *Step inSide* Teddy Bear Free Marketplace
Tattoo: .Pekka. Dj Heart  Tattoo InWorld

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